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Hyperhidrosis Alternative Methods?
Every medical problem should treated initially with the most non invasive and non harming intervention methods. So is the case for patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis. There are few alternative methods before one makes the decision that the surgical option is the best for the patient.

For focal hyperhidrosis affecting the hands armpit and feet, the following methods are suggested.

Electric Devices (Iontophoresis):
There are some electric devices which are called Iontophoresis machines. With these machines a low voltage current is applied to the palms or to the feet and by changing some electrical gradients there is a hope for sweat reduction. Again here the success rate for the severe cases is very limited.

Available products containing mainly aluminum chloride lotions are the main alternative topical treatments. The concentration of those solutions can range from 10 to 19% and those are available without prescription. Higher concentrations are also available but require a prescription.

Those lotions requiring nightly applications and sometimes some reduction in sweat will be noticed. Pain, discomfort and redness can be side effects of those lotions. Commonly used lotion are Drysol or Maxim.

Oral Medications:
There is a group of medications that's called anticholinergic medications. With these medications a certain enzyme which is necessary for the chemical production of sweat is blocked. Those medications have to be taken on a daily basis in order to get some results. For those severe cases of focal hyperhidrosis the success rate is very limited. The most common medications are Robinul, Ditropan and Propantheline.

In a recent study from a Brazilian medical school in Sao Paolo, a study about the effectiveness of Ditropan has shown some positive results. In that study they found initial improvement with focal hyperhidrosis (hands & feet). The question remains, what are the long term effects of this medication. It is known that over time medications can lose their effectiveness and with increased dosages a patient might encounter some side effects which might be somewhat difficult to tolerate

Some anti anxiety medications can also be used especially for patients who have high anxiety situations.

Injection of this material can slow down excessive sweating. Again here it is based on the blockage of certain enzymes responsible for sweating reduction. It is a good solution for excessive armpit sweating but not FDA approved for palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. It has temporary success but there is a need for repeated injections. Also with time the body produces some resistance for repeated use.

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