Facial Blushing:

This has become a somewhat controversial topic. Facial blushing is a clinical situation in which patients are describing their appearance of red cheeks and red face that occur in certain social situations . It should not be confused with facial flushing that it is described as the feeling of heat going through the face. Those two clinical manifestations were thought to be helped by ETS but experience has shown that the success rate is not as good or minimal at best. Even though some surgeons are still recommending ETS for the above clinical manifestations Dr. Reisfeld believes that it is not an indication for ETS. As more clinical and statistical data become available the statement made by Dr. Reisfeld not to perform ETS for facial blushing and or facial sweating has become more widely accepted and proven. The exact physiological explanation that causes facial blushing and or facial sweating is not yet fully understood so to offer a surgical solution for those clinical manifestations was too premature.

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